Watch this laser-guided knife throwing machine nail 10 in a row


    It seems like one thing out of a online game, however this gadget is actual: a transportable, mechanical, computerized, laser-guided knife gun that truly throws spinning knives finish over finish by means of the air (by way of Gizmodo).

    This isn’t some slingshot or spiral Kunai shooter that flings these blades straight forward, oh no — Quint Builds got down to construct a gadget that may precisely throw knives identical to a professional, nailing a goal 10 occasions in a row at completely different distances. That meant painstakingly calculating learn how to spin a knife the precise variety of occasions to land tip-first, many times and once more — and using a home made lidar laser steering system to measure that distance and modify the knife’s trajectory accordingly.

    In any other case, a knife would possibly harmlessly bounce off the goal… identical to mine did so many occasions on the final Renaissance Faire I attended.

    The ultimate contraption dispenses upwards of 10 knives from an built-in, spring-loaded journal onto an electromagnet connected to a carriage, which zooms ahead alongside its observe at 10 meters per second due to a pair of motorized belts, that are in flip powered by a pair of 36V hoverboard batteries. As soon as the carriage reaches the midpoint of its observe, the electromagnet is programmed to launch the knife — letting it hit a goal as much as 15 ft away.

    I assume you possibly can add “knife throwing” to the record of duties the place people have gotten out of date!


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