Horizontal Enlargement of Biicosahedral M13-Primarily based Nanoclusters: Resolving A long time-Lengthy Questions


    For steel nanoclusters with the “cluster of clusters” intramolecular evolution sample, most efforts have been made in direction of the vertical superposition of icosahedral nanobuilding blocks (e.g., from mono-icosahedral Au13 to bi-icosahedral Au25 and tri-icosahedral Au37), whereas the horizontal enlargement of those rod-shaped multi-icosahedral aggregates was largely uncared for. We herein report the horizontal enlargement of the biicosahedral M25 cluster framework, yielding an Au19Ag12(S-Adm)6(DPPM)6Cl7 nanocluster that accommodates an Au13Ag12 kernel and 6 Au1(DPPM)1(S-Adm)1 peripheral wings. The structural dedication of Au19Ag12(S-Adm)6(DPPM)6Cl7 resolved a decades-long query for rod-shaped multi-icosahedral aggregates: load bidentate phosphine and ponderous thiol ligands onto the nanocluster framework? The structural comparability between Au19Ag12(S-Adm)6(DPPM)6Cl7 and beforehand reported Au13Ag12(PPh3)10Cl8 or Au13Ag12(SR)5(PPh3)10Cl2 rationalized the distinctive packing of Au1(DPPM)1(S-Adm)1 motif buildings on the floor of the previous nanocluster. Total, this work presents the horizontal enlargement of rod-shaped multi-icosahedral nanoclusters, which gives new insights into the preparation of novel icosahedron-based aggregates with each vertically and horizontally rising extensions.


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