git Power Push


    Rebasing is a frequent job for anybody utilizing git. We generally use rebasing to department our code from the final adjustments and even simply to drop commits from a department.

    Oftentimes when making an attempt to push after a rebase, you will see one thing like the next:

    trace: Updates had been rejected as a result of the tip of your present department is behind
    trace: its distant counterpart. Combine the distant adjustments (e.g.
    trace: 'git pull ...') earlier than pushing once more.
    trace: See the 'Notice about fast-forwards' in 'git push --help' for particulars.

    Generally builders will use the --force or -f flags throughout a push to power pushing code adjustments:

    git push origin my-branch --force
    # or
    git push origin my-branch -f

    I used to be lately shocked to seek out out that you may additionally prefix the department identify with + to power a push:

    git push origin +my-branch

    The + syntax is fascinating however would not appear intuitive so it is not a apply I might use, however that does not imply you should not!

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